Swarm Control

Bee swarms generally occur around the start of spring and can continue throughout the warmer months.

A bee swarm is a round or oval mass of bees seeking a place to start a new nest under the direction of a queen. Swarming bees are usually placid and unlikely to sting when left undisturbed. If you come across a bee swarm, remain calm and stay out of their path. Swarms of bees will generally move on in a couple of hours when they have found a suitable dwelling to make a nest. Please DO NOT spray the bees with insecticide, as this will irritate them and may cause them to sting.

Our President Glen Tucker has volunteered to be our current swarm contact. If you live in the Toowoomba/Highfields vicinity and would like Glen to come and catch the swarm please give him a call on  0427004435. Alternatively Emily MacManus can also come and remove the swarm for you if you live in the North Toowoomba/East Toowoomba/Mount Lofty/ Central Toowoomba/Rangeville areas: 0487315558.

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President Glen Tucker Ph: 4615 5619 or 0427 004 435

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