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Helpful Videos

We asked a bunch of our members if they new of any good helpful video links and here is what they came up with. These are simple suggestions especially for beginner beekeepers.


Wild log hive into a box

One of our members Ron K kindly showed the club how he transfers a wild colony into a hive box.

This is a great example of an event that members are allowed to come along to. Thank you Ron and thank you Carol for filming and editing.


Opening Hives

By UoG Honey Bee Research Centre


Perform your first inspection

By Alveole


Colony Inspection

By UoG Honey Bee Research Centre


Angry - Unworkable Beehive Strategy

By Jeff Heriot from Buderim


Splitting Hives

UoG Honey Bee Research Centre



U0G Honey Bee Research Centre


Catching a Swarm

By Girl Next Door Honey


Hive inspection and splitting

By Don the Fat Bee Man (his title, not ours ;)